About me

Not long ago I found myself struggling.

Struggling with the unknown. Not knowing which direction my life should take. I had an awesome job and awesome clients but still there was something missing. I yearned for growth. For the truth. The truth of what IS. What REALLY is.

I started on this journey of self-discovery not knowing at all what to expect. It was scary. The unknown.

I was reminded of how scary that could be today while I was at the orthodontist with my 8 year old daughter. She was scared. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen when they had to put a band around her back molar. She struggled and fought it the entire time. There were tears. There was anxiety. I was totally connected to her {energetically} trying my best to send her as much calming energy as possible and I could FEEL her stress. But then we were getting so close to the end and I looked at her and said, “Hun you just got to let it go. Let it go and give it all to me. Instead of fighting the tech give it all to me. Okay?” And you know what she did? She let go. She squeezed my hand harder than she ever has and that band went on in 2 seconds flat. She looked at me and said, “That didn’t hurt at all! There wasn’t even any pressure!”

Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we struggle and fight against them tooth and nail. We make it all so much harder than it has to be. That fear of letting go. That fear of giving in and riding the wave right over the top of it all. And I know! I’ve been there myself. I was struggling with holding on to what I thought my identity was. I WAS A HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST! I knew I was. I even knew I was intuitive which was why I was so good at it. So how could there be anything else for me? It was my passion so this HAD to be my path.

But, you see, the Universe had bigger plans for me and life was going to keep getting harder and harder until I finally let go. And I did. I finally let it all go. It had to have been one of the hardest things I’ve done. The control freak in me {aka my Ego} was saying “HELL NO!” but I blocked it out.

I said, “I’m letting it all go and trusting that whatever is on the other side of this is magical. I know this as fact.” I still remember where I was. Driving in my car to grab my kids from school. It felt like a weight lifted. I felt free. I still had no idea HOW, but that isn’t my job to worry about. That is the Universe’s job.

My job is to show up every single day. Commit to myself. To my growth. To what makes my Soul sing. To ask how best I can serve others. And, most importantly, to take inspired action.

And I did it. And it’s been the most magical, crazy, awesome, wild ride that I’ve ever been on. I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is my path. My journey.

So Hi!

I’m Heather Hickson. I’m an intuitive, psychic, woo woo, witchy, badass healer. And I want to be your guide on your crazy ride.

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