About psychic abilities

I had this crazy experience when I was 2.

Yes, 2. I couldn’t remember it for the longest time but I was told by a psychic client of mine that something happened when I was 2 that made me the way I am today. She said it wasn’t a bad thing… and that I should meditate on it and figure it out.

Gee. Great. Thanks. This was back in my “couldn’t calm my mind to meditate to save my life days”. Let me get right on that. {insert sarcasm} J So I pushed it to the side because… Ain’t no one got time for that! Am I right?!

Well a funny thing happened just a few weeks back. Since that episode with my psychic client I’ve actually gotten REALLY good at meditation. I’ve gotten even better at connecting with my guides, my Soul, God, the Universe, Source. You pick the name that resonates with you. It’s gotten to the point where my clair’s are so developed I can even channel messages from them. So one day that conversation from long ago popped into my head. So I asked my guides about what happened when I was 2.

I astral traveled. If you’ve never heard of this I liken it to an out-of-body experience. Not that I remember doing it. Or how it felt. But my guides let me know it scared me so bad they actually shut down all of my gifts. My gifts I was born with. I was on lockdown!

So we are all born with a lot of gifts. Even my kids were. But a lot of us shut them out because of experiences we might have had or they think others will think they are crazy. My youngest daughter has always been clairaudient so she talks to her guides. But in preschool she started to think it was odd so she stopped.

How many of us are walking around with spiritual gifts ready to be tapped and shown to the world without even knowing?

A lot of us. And if you are here reading this page then my guess is you are starting to figure out there is so much more out there than you ever knew. Half of the stuff I can do now I thought was only possible in fiction books and movies. Nope. Not at all. Totally 100% legitimate Superpowers going on right here!

Are you ready to tap into yours?

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