01 Aug
Paths to abundance
Category: Blog
A journey down memory lane… So I took a little trip into my journal from this time last year. I was curious. You see, today I have this massive migraine. Yup. Upleveling again. ...
01 Jan
Paradigm shift
Category: Blog
Today I’m saying Fuck This Shit! Where yesterday I was screaming “paradigm SHIFT” Today is definitely “Fuck This Shit!” And NOT that today began on a bad note… minus the shiner ...
18 Dec
Category: Blog
Do I currently have resistance? YES Am I currently in resistance? NO I loved this beginning to my journaling session. Each and every time I think about my Soul based business I ...
15 Nov
You are very important
Category: Blog
Bloom where you are planted. Water your seeds first so that you can flourish for others to look upon with smiles on thieir faces offering them simple graces upton which to begin...
01 Oct
Unleash the beast
Category: Blog
There I was… Standing tall, yet alone, on the deck of this massive ship. Sails set high into the sky… flopping in the breeze just trying to get a grasp of sunshine filtering thr...
28 Sep
Your mess is your message
Category: Blog
A lot of people that follow me struggle with money. Your mess is your message, they say. We allow ourselves to get comfy and cozy in ‘lack and scarcity’ to the point that we cou...
26 Sep
Go with the vision
Category: Blog
Landscape Yes! Totally random way to start my post today but I go with what I got. So check this out. My backyard needs a little LOVE today. But it’s neither in my budget nor in...
25 Sep
Seize the day
Category: Blog
Seize the day These words have been repeating themselves to me in my mind over and over again since I woke. You see, today is the first day that I’ve felt really aligned in a lo...
22 Sep
Embody the vision
Category: Blog
Have FUN. Live Fancy FREE and take ALL of those amazing humans with you. THAT was the EPIC message from my guidance team last night. Wanna hear more about this… hop on over to m...
27 Jul
Learn and grow again
Category: Blog
It’s the dawning of a new day. A new era. I feel great today… that was the start of yet another journaling session. Amazing. High vibe for sure. Got a ton done already and now m...
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