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What began with a little nudge and a knowing turned into so much more than that. I’ve spent the past few years getting down in the muck so that you don’t have to. Leave the dirty work to me and allow me to tune your Soul Song so that you begin singing the high frequency tune that sets your Soul on fire once again.

1-on-1 work

The Emotional Healing Breakthrough Session

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These sessions are reserved for those that are just having a tough time with it all. I get you. I understand that your mess is your message. I totally get the tumultuous path and the journey within. I understand the stress and anxiety. The big fat mess that we sit in. The stagnancy. The yuck. The underlying depression that you might not even know is depression. The overwhelming feeling of not wanting to go on. The feeling of discouragement. Blah. Am I right?

Been there. Done that. Got the badge of honor.

We all deal with negativity, anxiety, and depression in our own way but for some, more than others, we tend to just lock it all away until it comes barreling down at us like a runaway freight train headed straight for disaster. Only we wear it on the inside and only allow it out when the shit hits the fan. And THEN it totally destroys us… and sometimes those around us that are unlucky enough to be in its path.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter a good old fashioned energy healing session. These literally changed my life and altered my belief system. For good. There are some straight forward methods of healing the inner yuck and turmoil that can change the way you think of what having a bad day means. From the external yuck you are feeling in your body to the internal way your mind works.

Say goodbye to brain drain and hello to a new awakening.

There are often strange sensations going through our bodies like an internal clock ticking away trying to tell us to get a grip on life but all too often we push them to the wayside making other things more important. But we no longer have time for that because the internal ticking bomb within us is about to go off once again.

In layman’s terms… there is a much easier way to go about this. AND an actual meaning to what is behind the signs and symptoms. A bug CLUE trying to get your attention.

Allow me to introduce you to it all while lifting the layers of stagnancy that are making it hard to breathe, to live, to go about your normal day from a new and higher perspective allowing you to feel the joy and excitement around life that you once felt some time ago.

Allow the light to shine in with this breakthrough call and receive an uplifting jolt to your brand new day.

Once we complete our call, I will enroll you in my 5 day masterclass that teaches you my straight forward energy healing method that will give you the courage to begin again with much more control over your feelings as well as your surroundings with an amazing bonus at the end when you complete each of the 5 days…

Bonus 1 on 1 energy healing session when you complete this 5 day journey within…

  • Day 1: Introduction to this amazing new energy healing system that gives you back the control you desire. It’s time to begin feeling good again. Consistently. And knowing exactly how to handle the days when you aren’t.
  • Day 2: Negative and positive energy loops. What they are. How to identify them. How to replace the bad with the good. The ultimate in reprogramming the way you think.
  • Day 3: Forgiveness. Why it’s so important. How it’s tied to your anxiety levels as well as depression. Easy ways to lift the fog to get moving in the right direction and release those symptoms that have you stuck in the funk.
  • Day 4: Fast forward the action and learn to tune into the version of you that already has it made in the shade. Here I tune you into Quantum Leaping yourself forward in a much faster and easier direction. You control your route as well as your destiny. Insert the key here and just turn it with the flick of your wrist. Easy peasy.
  • Day 5: Putting it all together to create your new Divine Master Plan. You have the key to it all within you to begin MUCH more intelligently. It’s time to release the carelessness within you to create the drive that carries you onward, upward, and forward in a much brighter light. Make it all this way and receive the key to unlocking the bonus… an additional 20-30 minute 1-on-1 call with me to help put it all together. Because an extra helping hand can allow it all to be so much easier and brighter than going it alone.
  • Bonus: AND because there is always more where that came from, enjoy a bonus recorded energy healing series to use when life has you pushed up against the wall. My energetic version of the magic pill and great to use when you just need a little time out. This is a nifty little series of recorded energy healings as well as a guided meditation to lift your spirits when you find that time is getting away from you. Bring yourself back to center and ground into the here and now just by taking a few minutes out of your day to listen.

“Love all of this and I think this last clearing out was a really big one – family!  My husband and I feel closer than ever! Serious kick ass growth. I’m so relieved that low vibe has lifted. The clarity, the a-ha’s, the releasing of what no longer serves, the freedom!!! Thanks so so much.” ~ Cheri D

The Discovery and Clarity Session

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This is the call that begins it all!

Have you ever had one of those days when you really knew you knew the answer and it was on the tip of your tongue but you just couldn’t get it out and make majik happen? Or better yet… one of those days when you really wish you had someone there to just tell you exactly what to do… what inspired action steps to take to begin to make the clouds part and the angels sing… or somewhere around there.

You see, we all have bits and pieces within us waiting to come to the surface and sometimes we just can’t grasp it all or even figure out where to begin. Welcome to the harness your gifts session. This is where we tune in and turn up your inner knowing, your connection to your higher self, your guides, your Soul.

We begin this session with a general clearing because YOU, my friend, can’t get to where you desire to be from the muck you are sitting in right now… hence the reason you can no longer HEAR, SEE, FEEL, or IMAGINE that inner voice that was working so well before. You know… when you felt all high vibe and on FIRE the day before… or the week before? Well it’s time to get that all back and stat! Along with an upgrade… cuz that’s how my MAJIK rolls.

After the clearing the light will be shining once again, my friend, and then it’s time to simply align and inspire. Leave this call with specific actionable steps to take you from ho-hum to hot-damn all in less than an hour. Think of it as a lunch break for the Soul-ful. Time to get that engine tuned to purrrfection with a series of guided meditations you can listen to as you, quite literally, begin to make majik happen on the flip side.

All too often we get caught in the brain drain of it all. Capitalizing on success can leave us feeling a bit ‘drained’ and ‘less than’ leading to less than optimal creative conditions and, after all, we are here to create a life that we love and maybe even inspire those around us to do just the same. So on those days when you feel that spark begin to fade, just tune in once again to our recorded session or pull out the included guided meditations and prepare once again to Align and Inspire!

Once we complete our call, I will enroll you in my 5 day R!se Up masterclass that aligns and inspires you each day of the 5 day period to show up consistently with straight shooting tip and tricks of the energetic sort along with specific actionable steps to get you co-creating like the crazy co-creator you incarnated to be. 

Bonus 1 on 1 healing modality upgrade session when you complete this journey within…

R!se Up is geared toward those reaching into their MAJIK sack searching for the answers they already know is within them. Allow me to guide you through this crazy and sometimes scary look within to pull out your gifts one at a time, introduce you to your amazing and EPIC guidance team, and put all of that innate wisdom and knowledge to use. YES you are here for a reason. AKA the bigger purpose. So if you are currently searching for that age old answer… now is the time to R!se Up to the bigger and better opportunity residing within you. Right now.

  • Day 1: This is the day that begins it all again much more intelligently with an EPIC guided meditation pulling out that which no longer serves you allowing you to see the path of least resistance as it hangs out within you. Learn the ropes from a new and shiny higher perspective.
  • Day 2: Here is where we stumble upon the building blocks to success in the higher realms of MAJIK. Learn to SEE what is already hiding inside and learn how to actually USE it!
  • Day 3: Align and Inspire day is here within as we begin picking apart the pieces to that Grand Design picture that we’ve been creating. It’s time to begin putting the pieces together in the path of least resistance so that you can align and inspire to get said action steps completed before you literally run off the path headed toward your Grand Design.
  • Day 4: It all culminates here in this EPIC challenge. Seeing the higher side. AKA the flip side that I chat about so much. There is an easier way to get it all done and here is where we chat about exactly HOW that comes about. It’s time to create a crystal clear picture of where it is that you are going so that you can R!se Up early(bird) and catch that worm and FINALLY see things through to completion.
  • Day 5: Here it is… that which we’ve all been waiting for. Finishing this challenge unlocks the door to our BONUS 1-on-1 session for your CUSTOM Healing Modality Upgrade. Just in time to make it all rain down upon you. Let’s access some new MAJIK from within and teach you how to use it to get you aligning and inspiring so much faster and easier than ever before!
  • Bonus: Like I’ve said before… over and over again… the blocks keep-a-coming. The minute we think that we have finally arrived it seems we get kicked back to the starting point finding it challenging to align and inspire or even hear what we think is real or not real. Enter a ton of confusion. So here is a majikal little energy I’ve co-created just for you to get you back on the wagon, so to speak. Yours to have forever and ever to get you easily back on track once again.

MAJIKAL Alchemy Session

Want to take it a step further and just don’t know how?

Welcome to this MAJIKAL Alchemy Session harnessing the power of my Daylight Dreaming Alchemy as it’s been presented here to me by my own EPIC team. You see, I’ve spent YEARS harnessing it. Studying it. Getting to know all of its quirks. The ins… the outs… How it acts. How we tend to act around our own innate majik and just how much we leave on the damn table all the damn time.

THIS is the session to get shit moving.

You will receive EVERYTHING from the Emotional Breakthrough Session along with the whole kit-and-kaboodle from the Discovery and Clarity Session so that we can begin the deep dive into that which is NEXT!

The moth to the flame so to speak.

THIS is where we harness all of your goodies just waiting to come out and say HELLO to you! THIS is where it begins to get all kinds of exciting. We begin with much of the same as the previous calls. We clear all the bullshit out of the way so you can finally SEE and HEAR and FEEL and IMAGINE all that has been trying to get your attention and NOW we get to actually PLAY with it all.

Yes! Your time has come to get to the Seat Of Your Soul with this brand new activation and attunement program that I save for my 1-on-1 mentorship calls. I just LOVE this and am so excited to bring it to you now. You and I will spend the entirety of the next 7 days getting real up close and personal with full on 1-on-1 access via Facebook messenger or email support to answer all your burning questions.

Each day of this 7 day series begins with an aligned and inspired action step specific to YOU and YOUR goals getting you to see what has been hiding within trying to get your attention all of this time and NOW we get to bring it to the surface, introduce you to it, and teach you how to actually harness it… for good. Definitely not evil.

All delivered to you with a custom activation and attunement series designed just for where you are to keep you ‘aligning and inspiring’ all the live long day. Who knows… maybe you’ll even begin to whistle while you work.

AND as a bonus we will have a 20-30 minute follow-up call on the 8th day to ensure that you are moving forward at the speed of light… or at least your version of it… so that you feel accomplished and ready to take on the next week of your high-vibe life with even MORE specific actionable steps to get you moving and grooving toward your end goal. Capiche?

If this sounds right up your alley, grab a spot STAT so that we can begin fine tuning your Soul Song to the frequency that suits your connection with your higher self.

Want to take it even higher?

… as in up into the upper echelons of MAJIK, so to speak?

Let’s nosh on it over lox and bagels… or your meal of choice. It’s time to have a VIP Day. Online or In-Person… it’s your choice.

You. Me. Our EPIC guidance teams leading the way to a day filled with success and amazement tuning in even deeper than we ever have before. THIS is where we get shit done. Completed. Finito! This is where we spend a full day (or even half day!) totally focused on you and your end goal while completing the entire action plan.

Step by step. Moment by moment. Healing energy by healing energy because you know there will be tons of trudging through bullshit to be had taking you to your next higher level of success in a single day… Teaching you all of the tricks along the way as well as your very own brand of majik that is here to serve you (similar to my Daylight Dreaming Alchemy… except better, because it will be your MAJIK MOJO brought to the surface to serve YOU instead of using mine).

You see there are some things in this world that take a little more time and planning. Like crafting a Soul-based modality or entrepreneurial business or even taking off the training wheels and deep diving into your own health and fitness based model … food and fitness planning and all! Did I mention I even teach mind+body+soul MAJIK like intuitive eating for the masses? Turns out those 18 years as a personal fitness trainer and holistic nutritionist did not go to waste! Now back to the subject at hand.

VIP days and half days are for those of you that are ready to spend the time and effort crafting an incredible plan to get you all of the way through to the end goal. Your higher self’s version… The Big Kahuna. The end all be all.

It’s time to stop playing small and allow someone else to take over the wild and crazy ride inside. Allow me to do the heavy lifting and create the masterpiece of a plan so that all you have to do it show up and take the steps. I’ll even deliver it with an action packed red bow so as you untie the knot it releases majikal white light energies all over it… and you know I speak the truth after harnessing the majik of all of my other powerful creations set forth in the time that we have worked together… free or paid.

Let’s take this time to sit together, tune in deeper than ever before, look at not only the majik waiting to surface but the ideas and infrastucture as well. You see there is always a foundation. The cement to the building and often this important series of action steps is always overlooked. We begin there to create a solid foundation that you can always go back to as you begin to see yourself grow and blossom in all of these new and exciting ways. One single actionable step at a time as you cross them off the list. And should you get stuck along the way… I’m just a voxer message or phone call away for the next 7-10 days… or however long you’ll need me… BUT the priority begins right away as you step away from our planning call to get‘er done so to speak. For it’s time to make MAJIK happen!

If this rings your bell then go ahead and ring mine! Click the button below and let’s set up a series of calls to see if this is right for what lies within your mind’s eye. I look forward to working with you to take your leap of faith, trust, and courage to the next step!

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The grand finale.

The Epiphany In The Making.

You love working with me and I love working with you as well.

Let’s take this relationship to the next higher level with full on 1-on-1 commitment…


  • Everything from the Emotional Breakthrough Session
  • Everything from the Discovery and Clarity Session
  • Everything from the Awaken and Ascend Session


  • Weekly Custom DNA Activation and Attunement Upgrade sent directly to you via recording so that you can easily access it.
  • Weekly Healing Modality Activation and Attunement Upgrade sent directly to you via recording so that you can easily access it.
  • Bi-weekly deep dive energy healing sessions because you just can’t get to where your higher self desires you to be if you continue sitting in the muck of passivity.
  • Weekly aligned and inspired action steps to keep you moving and grooving through that aligned and inspired action list getting you to finally see the higher perspective and allowing you to fully and easily see things through to completion.
  • Full on access to me via Facebook messenger, email, AND unlimited voice support via Voxer PLUS Zoom update/check-in calls on a week by week basis if needed.
  • All culminating in the end-all be-all of FREE unlimited access to all of my group offerings, challenges, and high vibe energies during our period of working together 1-on-1.
  • And hey… cuz I love you so… let’s toss in an Align and Inspire Vip day for free.

The entire kit-and-kaboodle!

Want to find out more? Book a free call and let’s chat about all of the details and to see if this is the right fit for you.

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